ChainPort Bridges EsquiloSwap’s SQL Token to Arbitrum and Avalanche

2 min readOct 8, 2023


  • ChainPort has bridged Esquilo’s SQL token from Polygon to Arbitrum and Avalanche.
  • SQL tokens are now accessible on major DEXs, including Trader Joe on Avalanche and Uniswap Arbitrum.
  • Esquilo, the platform behind SQL, simplifies asset exchange across various DEXs, supporting multiple blockchain networks.
  • ChainPort’s expansion of SQL tokens highlights its dedication to cross-chain solutions and enhancing digital asset accessibility in the crypto space.

Expanding SQL from Polygon to Arbitrum & Avalanche

ChainPort Esquilo’s SQL token. ChainPort has successfully facilitated the transition of SQL tokens from Polygon to both the Arbitrum and Avalanche networks.

  • SQL MAIN Polygon: 0x0f131B5C4638938aF533f1b57b3083AB6b0317f2
  • SQL Arbitrum Token Contract: 0x1599DF8f0D91f40017E0A46874c740E6b2531A2e
  • SQL Avalanche Token Contract: 0xD6B55F17a1BE055584bc03C01795887B5B995C44

This move unlocks a world of opportunities for SQL token holders, as it will be accessible on two more major DEXs: Trader Joe on Avalanche and Uniswap Arbitrum, in addition to QuickSwap. Users can now enjoy the benefits of SQL token trading on these platforms, enhancing their flexibility and options within the crypto ecosystem.

Esquilo, the driving force behind SQL, is a cross-DEX swapdapp that simplifies asset exchange across various prominent DEXs. This versatile platform supports Ethereum, Base, Optimism, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, and now, Avalanche. By connecting these diverse networks, Esquilo empowers users to effortlessly swap assets, making it a game-changer in the world of decentralized finance.

The addition of SQL tokens to Arbitrum and Avalanche via ChainPort underlines ChainPort’s commitment to providing comprehensive cross-chain solutions. It expands the SQL token’s reach and enhances the accessibility of digital assets in an increasingly interconnected crypto landscape.

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